Sunday, January 24, 2016

Long Week

 While it's actually only been six days, it seems like forever since I sat down to write. My days have been full and often crazy.  Two birthdays this past week, one grandson and one granddaughter. Our granddaughter, Destenie, turned eighteen. That made me scramble to try to finish her memory book to give to her for her birthday. She's grown into a beautiful young woman and doesn't even know how beautiful she is.

 This is the last two-page layout that I made for her book. Wish I could say I finished it.

It's been a difficult time for me in other areas. For two and a half years I've been caring for my Mom at our house. Her Alzheimer's is progressing and it's becoming more and more apparent that I cannot provide all the care and stimulation that she may now require. We are considering placement in a Memory Care Center and she was assessed for that on Friday. I'm so conflicted, I thought I would care for her until her time came. It's hard to think of letting go and hard to realize that what I am doing may not be good enough. It will take some time for all of this to take place - I'll keep trying to make the best of it. I detest this disease that is taking my Mom.

My card making was limited over the week. I did manage to work on a watercolor technique for a thankyou card that's been on my mind for awhile.  I stamped the image on an old book page and then watercolored with distress inks. Inside is just a very simple Thankyou sentiment.

Thanks for looking and letting me share snippets of my life; the good, the bad and the ugly.

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  1. Your granddaughter is gorgeous - what a beautiful and special gift a memory book is - Happy Birthday Destenie!! :) My heart goes out to you Jean - wishing you comfort and strength thru everything!!!