Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vacation is over!

Hi, Y'all,
I took a month off to recharge my life a bit. After a year of many changes it was much needed. In fact, I did stay somewhat busy but it was with new and exciting adventures. My daughters and I learned to pickle and made an enormous amount of kosher dill pickles and relish. DH was so happy when we were done. He likes pickles but said the vinegar smell was too much. Everyone is enjoying eating the fruits of our labors, especially our little granddaughter, Jaimie, who would never turn down a pickle. She calls them "garden candy".  Jacob has not developed a taste for them yet.

This photo is just what I kept, we actually made what seemed like tons of pickles and split them up among three families.  Those tomatoes are some of the first from our garden. By Monday I should have enough ripe tomatoes to make six pints of salsa. We have jalapeno peppers coming in like crazy and cayenne and Havasu peppers, as well. It's been a learning process and lots of work, but it's fun and very satisfying. Just glad I have the ability to enjoy it as a hobby and not have to do it as in years ago.

We visited with family, our usual summer BBQs and gatherings. Granddaughter, Sierra, returned from her deployment to Afghanistan and was welcomed and celebrated with joy. She now lives in Maryland and was only here for a short time but we are grateful she is back in the states. We all hope this was her last deployment to a hostile environment.

My craft room did not see me as much over the past month but I did get a few cards made.  Water-coloring and pencil coloring have become my favorite forms of relaxation lately.  Here are a few cards from this month.


  1. Nice to hear you enjoyed your vacation Jean - being creative as usual and canning like crazy - I am SO impressed!! That table with the canned pickles and the tomatoes is just lovely!! Can't get over how big that first tomato is - wow!! :)