Friday, September 9, 2016

That awkward moment when you walk into a spider web and suddenly become a karate expert...............

Exactly what happened to me this morning while harvesting tomatoes. It had my head all enveloped and I think if it wasn't for the sputtering I would have swallowed a bug. Certainly I wasn't very graceful at all, defensive without form. I'm sure if there were any of my neighbors looking out the window they were very highly entertained.
Visited with my Mom yesterday; a great day out for both of us and my daughter, Kim, joined us as well. I hate that mother no longer lives with me but am glad I get to see her often. She seems to be doing well, finally adjusted and relatively happy. I know the complete care she receives is better than I could do and for that I'm  grateful.
With school back in I have managed to get back into the craft room. I have been working on some cards and now have a new major project to undertake. My granddaughter, Amber, is getting married in December and together she and I have designed her invitations. I do have a initial workup of what we have come up with that I will post. It will be a project that will keep me busy for quite a while. It entails lots of embossing and die cutting and ribbon tying. Her colors are Navy Blue and silver and we have used those colors. My watermark covers her name and the date, etc.

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  1. Cracked up over that spider web story - wish you had a video. LOL :) Lovely wedding announcement card Jean - glad you've got some more time on your hands with school in now. :)