Sunday, October 2, 2016

In every gardener there is a child who believes in the Seed Fairy. Robert Brault

I learned that over the past gardening season and I'm so hooked on sowing and reaping and preserving the fruits of gardening's labors. My harvesting is coming to an end as the days keep getting cooler but I'm enjoying every minute of it that I can. Over the past few days we have picked peppers and I stretched my knowledge a bit further and made pepper jelly. I found a delicious sounding recipe on Pintrest. It's called Sweet & Spicy Christmas Pepper Jelly. Using the two bell peppers, four jalapenos and four Havasu peppers from my garden and a purchased red bell pepper I made the jelly and ended up with a yield of five half-pint jars. I was able to taste what was left in my sauce pot after filling the jars for processing - it tasted pretty good. The recipe says after allowing the flavors to blend for a week or so it will be fully developed. Yummo! 

I have also been busy in my craft room. Seems like the beginning of October always brings thoughts of the approaching holiday seasons. The realization that I don't have enough Christmas cards struck me so I decided to work on some to catch up to my goal of four a month. It's only a goal; some months I achieve, some I don't. Here are two that I managed to complete. Both are 3D Paper Tole decoupage.

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