Amateur Photographer

I like interesting pictures, I like family pictures, I like taking pictures as does my husband. We are not professionals; not even skilled amateurs but we do try and so I'll share.............

This is my husband's photo. We live near a joint military base and were able to enjoy this summer's air show from the comfort of our own back yard. The US Air Force Thunderbirds team were a featured guest. What awesome power and precision they display.  The low level fly overs and the maneuvers certainly convince me they are the worlds finest - period!

This is my son Jacob leaving footprints in the expanse of dune and beach sand on his very first trip to the ocean. Jacob had not yet been diagnosed with autism but I have returned to view this photo many times after receiving his diagnosis. I still feel he is destined to go far and leave footprints in ways only he can imagine. The impression he has made on our family is indelible. Yes, he's autistic and thinks in a different way but he is happy, so lovable and loved beyond measure. He possesses a keen intelligence and once he's learned something, the lesson sticks. We hope only the best for him - keep ever walking forward and leaving those footprints little man.

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