Preserving memories through Scrapbooks was my introduction to papercrafting.  Growing up in a very large family and mostly in a one parent household was not  conducive to having photographs taken on a regular basis. In fact there are very few shapshots even of me and my siblings as youngsters, let alone any extended family. When I started having grandchildren I decided I wanted to preserve the memories of their childhoods so I began sorting through the hundreds of snapshots, school pictures, professional photos that the family had collected over the years and set about to make sure each one of my children and seventeen grandchildren would have a book of memories about them to take into adulthood. The books are mostly still works in progress, although, I have given my two married grandchildren their books. Now I have two great-grandchildren and they have memory books, too. I try to include the special moments captured in photos and the parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and others who have shared a part of our family life. We have a big family and get together at least a few times a year where lots of pictures are taken. I'm not a great artist, just try to present the photos in a pleasing manner. I have used pre-made designs and have created my own as well. It is a labor of love as it makes me remember the moments.............. I won't post them all and will change them up every now and then.

Here's a scrapbook page for the season..... of course, more of my beautiful grand kids; various ages and years. As you can see we love to celebrate and Trick or Treat, young and old.

               One of my  handsome grandsons as a very little one...............................


   and now as a much bigger young man.
                                                               CJ what a guy!

He plays varsity football and is a senior this year. How the time has just flown by.

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